We love writing and shooting comedy sketches.

We’ve attended Raindance, LOCO and CityLit writing courses.

Our films have screened at Angel Comedy London and Lemon Comedy in London & Melbourne.

While on Nat Leave, Lol founded Melon Comedy – a new global collective making silly sketches about melancholy things.

Like raising awareness of the plastic pollution crisis in our oceans. Our latest ‘The Litter Mermaid’, shot on location in Melbourne with comics from the festival, is in post-production.


…And Ghosting. Here’s another of our sketches we wrote, produced and acted in.

This first pilot, with our new sketch channel is with broadcasters in London and Sydney.

Melon’s the sketchy little sister to @LemonComedy – Lol’s live night she co-founded. It champions diverse comedians globally. Comedy Central are calling it ‘timely, interesting and noble’. Read all about it here here. Watch a trailer here: