We’re Lol and Nat, an award winning Creative Director / Senior Creative team with 15 years’ experience.

Our last agency was AMV BBDO, before Nat had a baby, and Lol finally delivered the difficult 3rd novel, ‘Break up club’ (Harper Collins). Lol spent ‘Nat leave’ writing the TV adaptation and co-founding a global comedy club championing marginalised comedians. 

But now we’re back together part time and looking for our next agency- ideally with flexible hours so we we can also look after our babies. Get in touch if you’d like us to take you through our work.

Thank you.

Nat recently wrote an article for Campaign.

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It went viral.

 Screen Shot 2018-03-31 at 09.11.10.png

Nat was asked to speak on a panel about flexible working at the ‘Create Your Future’ 2018 Event.

Some kind words from one of our old bosses.


Reference from Trevor Beattie.

“Nat and Lol are special.

They were, are and always will be ahead of the game.

Which is a pretty smart attribute to have at the moment. I hired them over five years ago, and the stuff they were doing and suggesting then, the rest of us are just catching up with now.  

They’re super bright, super nice and charged with all the energy of a tree full of monkeys.

They are loyal, patient, a great guiding influence on young teams and smart with clients. 

If you have the chance to hire Nat and Lol, I’d do it NOW if I were you.

Before someone you’re really jealous of goes and gets them first and destroys your self-confidence forever.”

Nat and LolNat and Lol